Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sopron, the most loyal city (Hungary)

Hi Sign Hunters,

Recently, I have been mostly releasing new blog posts of places visited (and sign-hunted) in England and Wales. The very simple reason is that it is Summer here and I love organising new adventures very frequently, therefore, I have lots of photos, new video blogs and Quik Stories that you can check out. It makes me happy that I know that you often return to my pages and have a look at my/our latest sign-hunting and sight-hunting missions. I hope you feel more encouraged to visit new places! 

Last week, we finally got to go to Hungary, although only for a few days. But you know, it is not the length of your stay, it is the quality of it what truly matters. To be honest with you, this time was very much rushed which did not make me happy, but we could manage to squeeze an incredible amount of things into these five days which makes me happy. No surprise then really that even after a few days of returning to Shrewsbury, we are still knackered. 

The first one day and a half, we spent in Sopron. Sopron is located in North-Western Hungary and it has a relatively small population of about 60,000 inhabitants. The city is very famous in Hungarian history as it proudly bears the title Civitas Fidelissima ('The most loyal city' in Latin). That is because after World War I, following the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Sopron was one of the only places where a local referendum could decide whether it would be part of future Austria or a city in Hungary. Despite the Western parts of Vas, Sopron and Moson counties were taken away from Hungary to form the Austrian federal state of Burgenland, Sopron with 65% voting for Hungary remained part of the now mutilated Hungary

We returned to Sopron after three years, so it is not our first time here. We wanted to return anyway as our good friends who live here had their first child just a few months ago and we had not seen them for three years, so the pressure was on us to catch up with them. 

And you know, if we go somewhere, we do a sign-hunting adventure which also includes sight-hunting and this is when the photo- and the video cameras come out of the bag. This blog post today gives you everything! Scroll down and you will find plenty of photographs and you can also watch the highlights of the day squeezed into a Quik Story Episode. Well, enjoy!

~ Laszlo #thesignhunters

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