Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Atcham and Attingham Park (England)

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We have been having a fantastic Summer here in the British Isles, thus also in Shrewsbury now, so I am/we are spending a lot of time outdoors. Of course, let me grab the chance quickly and tell everyone in this country who complains about the heat and also those who come up with the most awkward heat-related issues (including fuel combustion in cars and similar things) that it is Summer and this is what weather in Summer should be like. The same people, of course, complain about the snow and cold during Winter period. Nothing is good, is it? Get over it people, shit weather dominates in this country, so let us enjoy the heat and sunshine as long as we can - it will not last long anyway. 

We are certainly enjoying this weather and use most of the free time to invest in sign-hunting. Yesterday, I was on my own and went to Atcham, which is a tiny village near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. As you look at my photos, you will see Atcham's famous landmarks. First of all, the two bridges: the older one was built in 1774 and is commonly known as Atcham Bridge, while the newer one was opened in 1929 and carries the traffic over the River Severn. As you carry on, I have photos of the 11th century Saint Eata church which was fantastic and cool inside, and very friendly. According to Wikipedia, "Atcham" is a contraction of "Attingham" and its most famous landmark is the National Trust-owned English country house and estate, Attingham Park. It was built in 1785 and it has seen a lot over these centuries and it has a lot to tell you for which I have no capacity here, but feel free to read more on Wikipedia or visit the National Trust page; they have got plenty of information. I can, however, encourage you to check out my photos and if you like the area, you can already plan your visit here. 

Let me conclude today's blog with a heartwarming news and let me introduce you our new friend Handful, a tiny fox buddy who, from now on, will accompany us on our future sign-hunting missions. We have been looking for him for a while so it looks like I had to come to Attingham Park to eventually find him. He is made by a British company called Living Nature and he was for sale in the Natural Trust shop at Attingham Park. The money I paid for him, of course, go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the estate. We are already an awesome team and he enjoyed hunting the Attingham Park sign. 

Enjoy the photos!

~ Laszlo #thesignhunters

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