Friday, 23 March 2018

[Vlog #2] Bristol video project (England)

Hi folks,

Since you have already seen the photos that we took in Bristol a week ago (if you have missed them, click here), now it is time for you to watch our short video of the sign hunting project itself. When we were doing carrying out the videoing, we did not realise that we were so hilarious. When we got home and watched the recorded material, we were literally dying from laughter. We, of course, do not want you to miss out on the most memorable moments, so make sure you scroll down, find the video and click on the play button. 

Enjoy fellas!

~ Laszlo #thesignhunters

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© Photos were taken by Laszlo Bokor (2018). All video footage recorded by Laszlo Bokor and Katie Eccleston Bokor (2018). The Sign Hunters © all rights reserved.

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